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International Commercial Bank, South Sudan


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International Commercial Bank, South Sudan

International Commercial Bank South Sudan (ICBSS) is a national South Sudanese bank,  founded in June 2011 by a group of South Sudanese and international businessmen. Beginning with one branch in Juba, the bank is keen on having its presence through a branch network in all the  states of South Sudan within four years. This expansion moves ICB closer to its customers and enables the bank to facilitate much needed financial services as well as provide meaningful contributions to the entrepreneurial spirit of South Sudanese. Similarly, the bank is contemplating to open branches in the neighboring East African countries to promote economic cooperation with the neighboring countries.

From providing retail and commercial banking services (personal banking, corporate banking, remittances/transfers (TTs)/SWIFT, and Foreign Exchange services). International Commercial Bank South Sudan (ICBSS) aims to grow a packed portfolio of financial services that will include investment banking, sms banking, internet banking, women banking, Diaspora banking and general insurance products.

During its short existence, International Commercial Bank South Sudan (ICBSS) ensured the delivery of outstanding banking services to its customers and remained actively committed to its corporate social responsibility through continuously enhancing the workplace environment, supporting community development projects and providing internship opportunities for university students/graduates.

Today, International Commercial Bank South Sudan (ICBSS) echoes superb customer service, prudent management, strong corporate governance and social responsibility.

As part of its growth, ICBSS is in the process of introducing a new SMS banking services for its customers. The product will enable ICBSS customers to monitor their accounts through transactional alerts and initiating requests for financial services with the help of mobile telecommunication devices that has become an essential part of banking operations for customers. The offered product utilizes “push” mechanisms to send system triggered messages including event driven instant transactional/non-transactional alerts such as cheque book and ATM Card issuance and more